Why College

College opens doors to a successful future!

Your Future

Going to college opens doors to a successful future!

A high school diploma is a wonderful accomplishment. Education beyond high school, which we often refer to as “college,” helps prepare you for a successful future, higher salary potential and a stable career. Here are some reasons why education after high school is the right choice:

  1. Opportunity
    The more education you have, the more likely you are to land a job that will lead to a more comfortable life. The majority of Iowa’s fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs require an education beyond high school.

  2. Options
    College not only broadens your knowledge, it helps build your skills at problem solving, thinking critically and clearly communicating. These are all things that employers look for when hiring for jobs.

  3. Income
    College graduates earn more money. A 4-year degree can mean a difference of $2.8 million in lifetime earnings vs. only having a high school diploma.

  4. Security
    College graduates are more likely to be better off economically and have a more stable career than non-graduates. They’re more likely to have full-time jobs and significantly less likely to be unemployed.

College offers even more, from meeting new people and building confidence to improving your decision-making skills and making your family proud. GEAR UP Iowa is here to help students prepare for college and succeed in their future.