GEAR UP Iowa depends upon a network of essential partnerships.

Our Approach

To ensure the greatest impact and sustainability of GEAR UP Iowa, our approach must be collective. We cannot work in isolation, but must come together to support large-scale change through cross-sector coordination.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact Karmon Long, GEAR UP Iowa Project Director, at

GEAR UP Iowa depends upon a network of essential partnerships to provide all of the supports needed to ensure the success of our students. Half of the total cost of the GEAR UP Iowa project is made possible by in-kind matching funds from over 30 partners across the state. Partner support ensures we are able to provide students with a range of resources, programs and services such as on-campus experiences across the state, assessing non-cognitive skill development and creating college savings accounts for students.

The Partner Tool Kit provides information for organizations interested in partnering with GEAR UP Iowa including general partnership opportunities and instructions for completing partnership forms.

View and download the Partner Tool Kit here